Auto Specialties fixed a problem with my car that I've had for years. He took the time to ensure the problem was resolved and followed up to ensure all was well. Highly highly recommend Auto Specialities of Philadelphia!


Took my Volvo XC90 to Auto Specialties in Fox Chase last week. I refuse to use a Volvo dealership anymore because almost all of them are overpriced and speak an advanced vocabulary that makes my head spin. I feel lucky that this establishment worked on Volvo's. I know that my car is an electrical nightmare which always leaves me feeling vulnerable and defensive when something out of the blue goes wrong with it. The owner gave me a reasonable estimate and even showed me exactly what was wrong with my car. I felt a sense of ease when I left it with him for the day. When I returned later that evening to retrieve my car, it ran great! The owner showed me how to avoid these electrical troubles in the future and even replaced a couple of other minor parts he just happen to have laying around the shop so that this would never happen again. Overall, it's a good feeling inside to know that there are still decent auto mechanics in Philadelphia that keep high standards on morality, ethics and a code of honesty. Thanks again, Dave!


Great customer service, explained everything in detail. Reasonable prices, in fact, much cheaper than my first quote. My car is running great. Thanks Dave!


I think this is the best shop in the Northeast! They did exactly what I requested and even went the extra mile on simple repairs at no charge! Dave takes the time to recall the extra things that i mentioned like my heater. When you you ask for extra naturally you except to pay the extra amount and that makes sense. But Dave just did it!

I found Auto specialties very reasonable and accommodating, I mean really how many auto shops provide rides to and from their facility? My vehicle was fixed promptly and it was at a price I could afford. I did shop around and gathered prices from other near by shops and Auto Specialties offered me the best deal.