Having to cope with the stress of owning a motor vehicle can weigh heavy on any consumer. Throw in unforeseen accidents and daily maintenance and most consumers feel left in the dark. At Auto Specialties of Philadelphia we embrace the principles behind old neighborhood values and treat each client as if they were family. With over thirty years of automotive experience in the areas of collision, mechanical, small engines and electrical, the only place you’ll ever need bring your motor vehicle is to Auto Specialties of Philadelphia. We get it right the first time – guaranteed!


Being in an automobile accident can be extremely overwhelming; even life changing. From the moment of impact, your emotional decision making is impaired. Having someone there for you to help put the pieces back together again is critical. Many consumers don't have a reliable automotive source to call that is certified and insured in all areas of automotive repair and collision. Consumers are used to being told what to do by their insurance providers and relinquish all control to where their vehicle will be repaired. At Auto Specialties of Philadelphia we understand your immediate concerns and encourage you to call us first! We'll deal with everything including the towing and help you feel in complete control over what can seem so powerless. We repair each and every vehicle to look and run as good, if not better than when it pulled off the showroom floor. By only using DuPont based products and factory parts, we keep our standards to the very highest from start to finish. 



No one likes when their car breaks down. Even worse, having the same problem occur over and again costing endless trips back to a mechanic you don’t trust to begin with. If the problem insists, he manipulates you to believe that it must be something else, when in fact, it's really his fault for continuing to use cheep parts at your expense.  This is a similar story told a hundred ways by millions of consumers from around the country on a daily basis. At Auto Specialties of Philadelphia, we do the job right the first time by only using standard factory parts and educating our customers so they’re not left in the dark. With over thirty years of automotive experience, we take a lot of pride in each and every vehicle that pulls into our lot. That’s why our customers and their families continue to return to us.



No matter what rolls into our door, we treat it as we would any job we do – perfectly! When you want it running flawlessly, you bring it to us! Whether it’s your dirt bike, lawn mower, or a go kart for the kids, when you want to have it maintained, Auto Specialties of Philadelphia does it all! If it has an engine in it, we’ll fix it. There is no engine too small for Auto Specialties of Philadelphia.